DU SOME EDP & MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. is an Ontario based privately held corporation that was founded in 1996 to respond to the growing need for experienced and knowledgeable IT consulting resources to address legacy mainframe systems. While there is clearly a specialization towards the Property and Casualty Insurance industry given the extensive experience with PMSC systems there is also extensive Y2K remediation experience that contributes to the knowledge asset as well as a foundation built on working with MVS systems integrated with many of the PC based user interfaces. Providing IT resources with proven track records operating in capacities from Senior Programmer Analyst to Manager has helped to gain insight into electronic data processing from many perspectives. As the 1900's came to a close so did the shift in demand from MAINFRAME to OBJECT and CGI. DU SOME EDP has recognized this and has jumped in with both feet. First came our expert PCs, then our Network and NOW we can proudly say we're an internet player too!

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