Whether it's helping you start, plan, or see you through to the end of your project, DU SOME EDP can help.

    Mainframe Services: Analysis, Design, Prototyping, Construction, Testing, Liaison with Business and Technical areas, Implementation of program inventories and Documentation skills all contribute to each P/A's skill set.

    Web / Graphics services: 3D rendering, Photoshop, Bitmaps, GIFs, Script / Graphic processing, HTML, Frames, Scanning, Banners, Meta Tags and whatever else is needed to build and maintain your site.

    If you are having resource conflicts around on call schedules or have a particularly challenging production problem plaguing you, maybe WE can help.

    Companies can VIEW and/or DOWNLOAD RESUMES, as well as EMAIL CANDIDATES. Contractors can find out how to post resumes or view resumes for formatting / content styles.

    Clearly most Y2K work is complete in North America but it's worth mentioning that DU SOME EDP has experience in these types of enterprise level challenges.

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