Resume for J. Shore as at Monday, February 26, 2001.


John A. Shore M Eng (Bio Medical), B A Sc (Electrical), P Eng, CNE, CBS


1992 - present


Systems Consultant


Examples of Major Contracts

Program Manager

AT&T Canada


Advanced Network Solutions


assist in the planning, process development and start-up of a project to install DSL service (a product still undergoing development as it was being rolled out) using AT&T's cross-country network into over 1000 branches of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Toronto

3 months:

Process Development: organised and chaired a series of meetings to develop a new billing process for the new DSL service; organised and chaired a series of meetings to develop the order entry and its supporting processes including ways to set up dual PVCs for each Branch

Project Management: prepared plans and schedules for rollout of the first 24 Bank branches

Communications Sessions: organised and chaired a 3hr meeting of over 35 people representing all major Company areas to explain the new product offering and how it would impact their functional areas

Management Reporting: 2 meetings with a senior vice-president to report project status

Troubleshooting: coordinated support for problems with line installation, and AT&T's network interface for three pilot Branches; resolved

Customer Relations: participated in weekly customer review and planning meetings

1999 - 2000


Project Manager

Data Migration Project


(led a 6-specialist team within a 100+ contractor IT group supporting 4,500 staff secretariat comprising 28 depts with 13 regional and district offices, as part of the overall Year 2000 upgrade project)

9 months:

Double Mandate:

1. Data Migration: convert from WordPerfect/Lotus 123 to Microsoft Office 97 based systems;

2. implement Y2K in converted data on new Windows NT desktops

Ensured all 5,000+ Business Critical PC or LAN-based data files were converted from old standard of WordPerfect/Lotus 123 to new Year 2000 (Y2K) ready Microsoft Office, as part of an overall Y2K upgrade project; data files included complex macros, links to client server-based and/or mainframe applications, and/or complex calculations (requiring from 2 hrs to 3 wks per file); budget $840,000

Managed 5 Specialists: in word processing and spreadsheet macro writing and converting

Desktop Roll-Out

Project Management: participated in, and on a rotation basis, chaired 4-5 project mgmt mtgs/mth; 4-10 participants; coordinated Data Migration activities with incremental arrival of 4,000 new or upgraded desktop hardware and Windows NT software (a rollout) across 13 depts.

Exception Process: managed and enforced the process for controlling nonstandard software in selected depts, i.e. Legal Dept's desire to remain with WordPerfect

Hardware Roll out: prepared procedures for 2,000+ field staffs' laptops and implemented checklist of required hardware configuration, "shrink-wrap" software, data migration issues, training requirements, and setup for access to LAN of progress and plans at biweekly Senior Mgrs meetings (4-6 participants)

Project Schedules: prepared and monitored data migration schedules for 4,000 installations

Staff Presentations: made 10 - 30 min presentations about Data Migration progress and issues at mthly 15-dept Y2K representatives' meetings

User Training: established basic training to assist the 100+ users to execute self-migration and to move data to correct LAN servers

Project Termination: prepared signoff procedures and forms for each user and contingency plans (approved) for post-Y2K problems; implemented


complimented for proactive approach and morale-building, in a highly stressful staff environment

Team Building: quickly turned around a demoralized and frustrated group into a productive and efficient team after previous manager was let go; team received many compliments for work performed

Major Cost-Saving Strategy Development: prepared Data Migration Strategy and secured Senior Mgt approval to implement it: triage (defining 3 critical levels of data); training and self-migration by 200+ users

Application Development Management: identified need for complete rewrite of an Audit application for 9 templates and 3,700 files (that had hard-coded non-Y2K dates); prepared project plan, staffing, and hardware needed; managed contractor through entire 4 mth development process of new application and associated software tools; coordinated roll out of new custom software with hardware deployment; converted 3,700 files in 2 wks

successfully managed conversion of 5000+ data files in 9 mths; delivered 14% more files than original estimates using 5 of 7 budgeted head count 2 wks ahead of schedule

1997 - 1999


Year 2000 (Y2K) Consultant

TD Securities and Wealth Management Divisions



18 months:

Mandate: assist in preparing the LANs and software for Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance in:

1. Securities Division LAN Support Dept (2,000+ users)

2. Year 2000 Office

3. Wealth Management Division (600+ users)

Scope of project for LAN and spreadsheet remediation approx. $500,000+

Managed 4 Contractors: interviewed, hired, trained and supervised contractors on project team

Project Management: participated in project planning (2 divisions' plans), mthly status reviews and wkly implementation mtgs; attended and participated in 2 Bank-wide Y2K sessions (1,000 participants each)

Project Plans: prepared 2 Project Plans and Test Plans to implement Y2K compliance of spreadsheets, databases and text files; implemented

Contingency Planning: prepared Triage Criteria (defining 3 critical levels of data) to ensure business critical spreadsheets and databases were identified and made compliant

Vendor Management: evaluated and prepared recommendations for use of ViaSoft's OnMark 2000 Assess to be used as the Bank's standard tool for evaluation of all PC-based spreadsheets, databases, word documents, etc., for Y2K compliance. $100,000 for 2,000 licenses. Prepared standard software configurations; implemented throughout entire Bank around the world; acted as Bank's technical interface with vendor for problem resolution.

Operating Systems: prepared complete inventory of Network Operating Systems (NOS) for 30 NT and Novell Servers in 2 divisions serving 2,600 users

Software Inventory: prepared complete inventory of "shrink wrap" application software on Securities Division servers; assisted with inventory on Wealth Management PCs

Software Conversions: prepared guidelines and recommendations for converting Lotus to Excel, and WordPerfect to MS-Word

Presentations and Meetings: assisted in 2 major presentations to 1,000 bank employees on Y2K usage


hired by Wealth Management Division after completing project for Securities Division and TD's Year 2000 Office

Bank Senior Management adopted a standard Y2K date format based on my recommendations

Bank Senior Bank Management adopted standard Spreadsheet package based on my recommendations: replacing 62,000 Lotus spreadsheets with MS-Excel 7 (not Excel 8 against Microsoft's objections due to better Y2K compliance)

Prepared standard OnMark 2000 software configurations that were implemented throughout entire Bank around the world

1994 - 1995


Senior Technical Consultant

Distributed Systems Support Department



12 months:

Mandate: assist a special project team to implement a client-server based syndicated loan system from prototype lab to first production users. Project cost approx $2 million.

Project Management: participated in/chaired project planning, status review and implementation meetings

Contingency Plans: prepared backup and recovery procedures for LANs (see Hardware Purchases)

Operating System Installation and Tuning: installed OS/2 and Novell

Netware on servers and workstations; set up security including anti-virus protection and backup procedures; optimized software on servers

Troubleshooting: troubleshot LAN communications problems

Hardware Purchases: participated in recommendations for purchasing non-approved servers because of superior remote support capabilities; implemented

Equipment Setup: set up and installed workstations and servers

Netware; prepared documentation

Training: trained project team staff on use of Lotus Notes, OS/2 and Novell

Netware; prepared documentation


starting with zero knowledge of product, learned and successfully installed Lotus Notes in one week allowing for database communications among sites in Toronto, Chicago, and New York

Prepared recommendations for staffing and training of the Bank's Help Desk and internal LAN support dept to support the project; implemented; signed off by appropriate vice-presidents

Prepared recommendations for security set up for the client-server product; implemented

Prepared plans for new code promotion process; implemented

Prepared project documentation eg. Installation Guides, User Guides

1993 - 1994


Senior Technical Consultant

Subcontract to SHL Systemhouse Ltd.



15 months:

Mandate: prove to the client that outsourced computer support was cost-effective and efficient - to secure their national contract worth over $17 million

Managed on-site support of a 15-month pilot project which provided CIBC / Wood Gundy with third party management and support (outsourcing) of their 5-server, 250-workstation Novell LAN

Operating System Tuning: provided proactive assistance relating to LAN server tuning and performance;

LAN Performance and Capacity: monitored/tuned LAN performance

Contingency Plans: prepared recommendations for startup and restoration of downed LAN

Troubleshooting: working closely with Halifax help line, troubleshot LAN and PC hardware and software problems, including routers and bridges


Project was successful and SHL secured a 5 year, $17 million contract with CIBC / Wood Gundy

Identified problems and co-redesigned cabling system which had outgrown the Ethernet specifications when LAN grew from 50 to 250 workstations

Provided recommendations to improve the operation of SHL's national Remote Help Desk (located in Halifax); implemented

Nat'l Prod. Supt Manager

Memorex Telex


1989 - 1992

Mgr, Program Integration

Northern Telecom


1988 - 1989

Senior Quality Engineer

Northern Telecom


1986 - 1988

VP Sales (25% owner)

MSW Marketing


1982 - 1986

Support Manager

Wang Canada



Nat'l Sys Support Manager

TRW Datasystems (Datapoint)


1979 - 1982

Systems Designer

Bell-Northern Software Research


1978 - 1979

Software Supt Specialist

Consolidated Computer

Don Mills

1977 - 1978

Technical Support Manager

Olivetti Canada

Don Mills

1975 - 1977

Senior Systems Engineer

Data 100 Canada

Don Mills

1973 - 1975

Systems Engineer



1967 - 1973



Staff Management




Project Management

Client Relations

Time Management


Group Presentations

Chairing Meetings


One-on-One Training

Classroom Teaching



Course Organizing

Staff Hiring

Staff Evaluation




Business Planning



PC Operating Systems

Networking & Data Communications Certifications


Windows 3.x / 9x / NT4, DOS , OS/2 2.2, Apple Macintosh, Novell, Banyan

Novell CNE (4.1 Certified) Banyan CBS

IPX, TCP/IP, SNA/SDLC, Ethernet,

Token Ring, ARCnet, 3270, X.25

Harvard, GEM, MacPaint, Visio

Project Management

Lotus Notes (Installation and Support)


Kepner-Tregoe methods, MS-Project

Internet - Netscape, Internet Explorer, MS-Outlook, E-mail

Lotus 123, Excel, Claris

Word Processing

MS-Word, WordPerfect, Claris


Project Plans/Budgets

LAN Support Strategies

Design Deliverables

Sales Proposals

Loss Reviews

Staff Evaluations

Troubleshooting LANs

LAN Contingency Plans

Annual Budgets

Job Descriptions

Activity/Status Reports

Product Evaluations

Maintenance Pricing Guidelines

Team Member Responsibilities

Security Plans

LAN Desktop Procedures


WinNT Essentials and Architecture

Supporting WinNT Workstation

Netware 4.1 System Administration

Novell 4.1 First Class

Netware v3.x System Supervisor II & I

Novell System Upgrade

Netware v2.15 System Supervisor II & I

Novell Enhanced Training

Novell Intro to Data Comms

Banyan Basic and Advanced System Admin.

Banyan Communications and Protocols

Banyan Technical Troubleshooting

Intro to Telephony


Time Management

Presentation Skills

Management Development

Project Management

Communication Skills

Professional Selling Skills

How to Manage Difficult People


M Eng (Bio Medical)

University of Toronto


B A Sc (Electrical)

University of Toronto



Professional Engineer

Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)