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Highlights of Qualifications

  • Over 20 years experience in the Property Casualty Insurance Industry.

  • Mainframe application PMS (with maintenance of the ratefile, GTAM.)

  • Users help desk resource with the ability to identify and analyse problems.

  • Ability to work with programmers to identify business requirements for system maintenance and/or development.

  • Provide user acceptance testing and documentation of results for all phases of system development.

  • To develop and implement productive corrective actions within strict deadlines.

  • User acceptance testing with Compuware Playback Plus and the main frame Playback.

  • Ability to use the basic TSO commands, review JCL, identify SYSOUT files, review SuperC and Comparex reports.

  • Change certain JCL data to enable appropriate reports/compares/extracts to be created

  • Ability to use FILEAID.

  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, Lotus Calendar, Lotus Organizer, Lotus 1,2,3, WordPerfect.

  • Training experience for both Brokers and underwriters for Company business rules and requirements.

  • Data entry training for new employees and/or new product enhancements.

Work Experience

Zurich Canada

July 1997 to Jan 2000 (contract)

Y2K Validation PMS V6 - Tester

  • Developed user acceptance test cases that were approved by the business users.

  • Created entry scripts for the users based on their business needs.

  • Used Compuware Playback Plus and mainframe playback to do user acceptance testing and compares

  • Analysed batch cycles in TSO (SDSF) and comparex jobs.

  • Basic TSO functions such as copy, allocate, rename, delete, search for, submit.

  • Have some exposure to FILEAID.

  • Some exposure to CA-Endevor Application Management System

  • Reviewed reports within INFOPAC

  • Completed internally developed discrepancy log.

  • Participated in several interviews with the users to evaluate their needs.

  • Provided input as a team member concerning planning, scheduling and implementation of testing.

  • Had communications with the programmers concerning problem resolutions.

The Citadel General Assurance Company

March 1986 to July 1997

User support / Business Analyst

  • 8 years - user acceptance testing and development of PMS V6.

  • Communicated with programmers and the end user as to any required changes.

  • Develop written business specifications for the programmers.

  • Did research with outside sources (if required) for any of the changes.

  • Developed the test matrix and carried out the testing in a test environment.

  • worked with an assigned programmer on a one to one relationship until the project was ready for implementation to production.

  • Developed and maintained GTAM tables in both the production and test environment.

  • Maintained rate files in both test and production for auto and habitational lines of business.

  • provided training for employees for the entry on the system, both on site and out in the regions. Training was for underwriting and claims staff.

  • Experience with PMS V6 accounting screens.

  • implemented declaration changes / spoke to the appropriate ( Insurance Bureau of Canada ) agencies to arrange for approvals.

  • Participated on the PMS User Group.

  • Notified all the appropriate users of complete system and rate file changes.

  • Provided all updates to the user manuals.

  • TSO experience, SDSF, submitted jobs, reviewed comparex and SUPERC reports

  • Reviewed Easytrieve compares

  • Personal Lines underwriter (3 years) responsible for habitational and auto.

  • Made brokers visits annually.

  • Compiled monthly reports reflecting the brokers new business productivity.

  • Suggested broker suspension and restrictions due to portfolio analyses and loss ratio.

  • Communicated with departments - claims and accounting concerning risks or acceptability.

  • Underwriting all aspects of the policy- new business, renewals (both system rated and manual rated) endorsements.

Traders General Assurance

January 1984 to November 1985

Group Insurance Personal Lines Office Coordinator

  • Responsible for the day to day work flow for underwriting and data entry on the PMS V6.

  • Attended regular meetings.

  • Did the PMS system training for both staff and broker whom where on-line.

  • Acted as the liaison between personal lines and other departments.

  • Worked on a team of users for acceptance testing on the implementation of PMS version 6.

  • Consultant for all the personal lines needs concerning the system requirements.

PRIOR TO January 1984

Licensed (RIBO) Broker for Reed Stenhouse / Monnex

Underwriter for T.A. Associates; Anglo - Gibraltar; Royal Insurance and the General Accident