Resume for T. Peters as at Monday, July 17, 2000.


    Tony Peters


    Tech Support / internet Web Design & Admin Windows NT /2000 Support Position Future plans Oracle & Coldfusion & Net Fusion & CISCO Certification.

    The MAC / PC Environments.

    Most of my Notebook experience has been in iMac, G4, Sony, Toshiba, Compaq, IBM, TI, Acer & many Clones. My Desktop experience is in PowerMac G3 & G4, iMAC, Dell, IBM, Compaq, Acer, Canon, HP & many clones .My Hardware Experience begins 1989-2000 in the XT to current Pentium III in PC Desktop, Notebook, Sound cards, DVD, SCSI, E-IDE Hard drives & SCSI & USB Photo scanners for both

    Virus removal on both PC/MAC environments

    Summary of Skills

    HTML (4 years )

    Internet Protocols (TCP/IP,POP3, IMAP4, SMTP) (8 years)

    Javascript (3 years)

    Netscape 2.0,3.04,4.08,4.72 (8 years)

    Perl ( 1 year )

    MS Internet Explorer 2,3,4,5,5.5 (8 years)

    Cgi script (1 year)

    Networks Hubs (3 years)

    Visual Basic (3 years)

    Groupwise (3 years)

    FrontPage 98/2000 (4 years.)

    Lotus Notes (2 years)

    Microsoft Excel 97/2000 (5 years.)

    Oracle (2 years)

    PC-DOC'S (2 years)

    SQL (3 years)

    Wordperfect 5.1-2000 (7 years)

    Sybase (2 years)

    Word 97/2000 (5 years.)

    Novell 3-5 (5 years)

    Access97/2000 (4 years)

    MS Windows 3.1 / 95 / NT / NT Server / 98 / 2000 / ME (6 years)

    MS Office pro 95/97/2000 (5 years)

    MS Dos 3.3/4/5/6/6.22/7.00(10 years)

    MS Project 97 (3 years)

    PC-DOC'S (2 years)

    MS Visio (3 years)

    McAfee Helpdesk (1 year)

    MS Outlook 95/98/2000 (4 years)

    McAfee Anti-Virus (7 years)

    Adobe Photoshop (5 years)

    PC Anywhere (3 years)

    CorelDraw (5 years)

    Backup & Restore of networks (7 years)

    IIS (4 years )

    Norton Anti-Virus (4 years)

    Ws ftp (4 years)

    Norton utilizes 4.5 - Windows ver. 4.0 (9 years)

    Software Tester / Developer

    OS from Microsoft Windows 95, NT, NT Server, Windows 98, 98SE,, MS Windows Millennium (7 years)

    BETA Testing Experience

    BETA TESTING & Tech Support


    Microsoft & Quarterdeck & Symantec

    My company also does Client Analysis, Training, and Tech Support / Help Desk Phone / On-site / E-mail . Extensive Software Testing for MICROSOFT USA From 1992 to Present 2000 testing the Windows 98 Update Web Site & Windows Millennium Developer Release & current Beta's

    Current Web Sites all these web sites are setup to re-index themselves every 14 days into 25 major search engines I.E.,,, etc. These web sites are in a total 48 search engines around the world .

    I also setup & manage there e-mail address. This is my Web site with my current list of clients & skills from Virus removal to Webmaster .

    Work Experience

    Toronto / Prince Edward Island

    March 1999 - June 30, 1999

    Compaq Canada Corp

    (3-month contract)

    I am in National IM Helpdesk Department Supporting Compaq Employee's on a Contract Basis. My job is to Setup & Support the Compaq employees in the Information Department we are responsible Complete Software & Hardware Support Desktop Services. I.E.:

    Setup & Support for Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, SQL Server ,Sybase,Oracle, MS Outlook95/98,and McAfee Helpdesk call tracking, Norton Anti-Virus, HP OPENVIEW.

    Hardware setup as well Installing Dimms, Simms, Hard drives, CD-ROM, Motherboards etc.

    Nov 1 1999 - March 30, 2000

    Plustek USA

    (contract ended)

    Part-time Saturday's only

    Duties perform customer Demos of Plustek in Future shops Around Toronto.

    Performing customer service as well as assisting Salespersons with Tech Support Questions for Plustek product line of Scanners & I perform Q&A. sessions on photo scanners & the software used Micrograph Picture Publisher, Adobe Photo Deluxe, Xerox Text bridge OCR, expanding the differences between USB & Parallel Ports & SCSI to the customers when performing Demos. Plustek Main Product line is Photo Scanners for scanning photo's & documents.

    March 4 2000

    Field, Brown

    Barrister & Solicitors

    439 University Avenue suite 1000

    I had fixed the LANtastic Network and Performing continuing Tech Support for Legal Pro, LANtastic Network, MS Windows 98 & maybe in the near future a Web Site for the Law Firm.

    On going support when needed

    April 20 2000 - April 21 2000

    Markson Borooah Hodgson Architects

    161 Eglinton Avenue East suite 600

    On-Site Training on how to Scan Photos & Documents into the computer. Tools used NT server 4 service pack 4, & Windows 98.Tech support is on going. Trouble shooting the NT Server & Network

    • Ping ,Trace ,Mapping Network Drives & Printers to Servers
    • Hardware Troubleshooting Desktop & Network.
    • Password Reset

    April until June 1997 and on going until August 1998 plus many smaller homebased clients.

    • Consultations for Chief Justice Prince Edward Island on his Notebook, & accessing files from his home on his new desktop as well. On-site Training for Internet, PC Training IE: MS Windows 95, WordPerfect suite 8, Netscape 4.0, Ms Explorer 4, e-MAIL, Abacus for keeping track of all legal cases across the country.
    • From Dec 1996 till January on-going support till August 1998
    • Local Video Retailer in Kensington Setup 2 PC for use in his retail store networked with LANtastic Networks
    • Maintaining Internet Connections for over 40 customers all over PEI. To date still doing support on-line & phone support


    1989 - 1991 Summerside, PEI
    Successfully completed, accredited Computer Programmer Diploma
    Completed MCSE CERTIFICATION in August 1999